nǐ hǎo! Hola! Hello!

Language comprehension when learning happens most

Scores of research and the observations of anyone around kids shows they pick up the most under the age of five. The Chatter Egg by Chatter Products LLC knows over 100 words in English and either Mandarin or Spanish. That’s 200 new words in your child’s hand, in their playroom, and in the car’s backseat.

Out of the box, the Chatter Egg reliably operates off two AA batteries (included) for hours of continuous use. For most kids, you’ll get weeks of sustained, always-ready language immersion. Soon an expandable line of animals and languages will be available for you and your children!

For parents

The Chatter Egg is here! The cute and wobbly egg that speaks multiple languages is ready to teach your little ones everything it knows.

When the Chatter Egg designer created this talkative toy, she put herself in the child’s perspective. She wanted to focus on what kids will see and feel. She even let kids play with the Chatter Egg and it stopped a 2-year-old from crying – a parent’s dream!

That’s why these adorable eggs are sized just right for kids as they learn a new language and motor skills. All Chatter Eggs are designed from the child’s point of view. What facial expression will get the most giggles? What’s too small? What’s too loud or too quiet? What’s just right?

The result is a lot of happy children learning without even realizing it. From your point of view as a parent, nothing is better.

For educators

Teachers, tutors, and educators looking for a way to expand safe technology in their classroom will love the Chatter Egg. Daycare operators will find the Chatter Egg a worthy addition to their playroom shelves, too.

Unlike a real egg, the Chatter Egg is more than tough — it’s unbeatable. The child-safe, environmentally friendly plastic will rock and wobble without falling. Drop it and it’ll just roll back up. Knock it down seven times and it’ll get up eight.

At just $24.99, the price is unbeatable, too. Buy them in pairs!

For kids

New York, Beijing, Madrid. With the Chatter Egg, every child has the opportunity to grow up and travel the world. Make business deals in Mexico City, vacation in Hong Kong, and zip back home.

The Chatter Egg is the first friend ready to teach you what to say, how to say it, and learn new language skills. You’ll carry those skills with you through the rest of your life. It’s not magic. It’s the foundation for learning that sets kids up to grow to their fullest extent.

Plus, it’s a lot of fun. It’s the one toy you’ll want to keep with you in the family. You might even take it on your first adventure overseas someday!

  • Starting at under $30
  • Learn words, phrases, and simple sentences
  • Comes with a 90-day warranty

Find out first

Chatter Egg comes to stores and online this summer. Sign up to be notified when Chatter Egg becomes available.

Each Chatter Egg is pre-loaded with over 20,000 words

They’re ready to make friends and teach every word they know. Download expansion packs in the future to expand their knowledge.